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Kanzashi ‘how to’ hair styling ideas:
hair style 2, using a curved hair pin

This style particularly suits a curved (folded) type hair pin of the type pictured here on the right.

folded butterfly hairpin
1 Gather up hair and lift upwards whilst swisting up.

2 Continue twisting while bringing around in a circle, and back over the top again in a coil.

3 With the hair pin facing downwards, push it into the centre of the hair coil in an upwards direction.

4 Make sure the hair free end is beneath the pin so it will held in place by the pin.

5 Twist the pin upwards and then push it down into the hair.

6 When it is fully pushed in, the curved part of the pin will hold the top of hair coil in place.


Depending on your hair length, you can leave the remaining free end to hang down or you can tuck it up out of sight: Before lifting the pin, wrap the remaining hair around the pin ends and then tuck down inside, then twist the pin up and push in.

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